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Captain America #49
Ex-CUSE me?!
dasbooch wrote in comicsunderfire

6 reviews - 3 positive, 3 negative

"Brubaker always writes a great story and, while this one mostly lays track for story lines to come, this is probably about as strong an interlude issue as they come. But it is an interlude issue and, as such, feels a little unsatisfying."
---Wktf on Hudlin Entertainment

"By slowing things down to focus in on Sharon Carter's fragile mental state, Brubaker injects new depth and intrigue into his extended epic. Call it a breath of fresh air for a series that may not have necessarily needed it, but certainly benefits from the departure."
---Dan Philips on IGN

"Brilliant character piece that is potentially setting up some major bombshells for the back to back anniversary issues / renumberings."
---Kirk Warren at Weekly Crisis

"[Issue #49] is little short of cliche-filled near-propaganda set at getting me to care about a character for a plethora of small, undeserved, uninspired reasons."
---flapjaxx at iFanboy

"This is not the best Cap of the year, or even one which will stick out, but it is one that will deserve a re-read in a couple of years, if for no other reason than to teach us a bit more about Sharon Carter, who is a strong character."
---coltrane68 at iFanboy

"The story was well told and the art was just fine. Just don't pick this up expecting anything all that exciting."
---Neb on iFanboy


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