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Green Lantern Corps #35
dasbooch wrote in comicsunderfire

11 reviews - 11 positive, 0 negative

"If you’re picking Green Lantern up but not GLC, splurge and get it. It’s worth it. If you’re not getting either, you’re a moron."
---Jared R. from Independent Comic Site

"Oh yes my friends, I think the fun is still yet to come."
---kDawg on Hudlin Entertainment

"Green Lantern Corps #35 should appeal to action fans, but the issue has enough depth that readers who prefer plot heavy stories should enjoy this issue as well."
---Rokk Krinn at Comic Book Revolution

""Green Lantern Corps" #35 is a salvo in a cosmic war, and it's suitably epic. And we're not even close to 'Blackest Night' yet."
---Timothy Callahan at CBR

"I'm eternally grateful that Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason are so skilled at tackling these varied excess plot threads and weaving a series that not only supplements Green Lantern, but stands tall on its own merits."
---Jesse Schedeen on IGN

"Tomasi is content to give us non-stop action and Sinestro Corps War-like moments month in, month out and this issue, and storyline, is the equivilent of a Battle of Mogo-like mini-event building up to the Blackest Night."
---Kirk Warren on Weekly Crisis

"Green Lantern Corps. It's just as good, if not better than Green Lantern and really fills in the missing pieces leading to the hugely hyped "Blackest Night" event.>
---Erik Norris on Comics Bulletin

"There really aren't enough things to say about this book."
---GreenLantern2814 on iFanboy

"I almost hope that Blackest Night doesn't come because I want the GL and GL Corps issues to remain this good."
---JesTr on iFanboy

"Tomasi and Gleason yet again put on a symphony of what we've come to trust from the GLC. Blood, big action, great characterization, black humor and diesel-powered drama."
---Templar on iFanboy

"Great characterization, great fight scenes, fantastic creature designs, and overall the creators just seem to love what they do for a living."
---TheNextChampion iFanboy


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