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Action Comics #876
dasbooch wrote in comicsunderfire

5 reviews - 5 positive, 0 negative

"A year with no Superman in "Action Comics" or "Superman" is a risky move, but so far I'm really enjoying the new directions for these books and the Superman line in general. It's definitely an entertaining read, and there's enough to bring readers back for another installment. That's all you can really ask for, in the end."
---Greg McElhatton on CBR

"It's easy for me to say that Action Comics has definitely burst out of the gates as the most lively and entertaining Superman book on the stands."
---Dan Philips on IGN

"Ursa narrates the issue and Rucka does a great job fleshing out her rather two dimensional character. She's broken and twisted up inside and he does a good job expressing her personality, motivation and general train of thought."
---Kirk Warren on Weekly Crisis

"Overall, ACTION COMICS is holding up pretty well with Superman away, mostly because his presence is definitely felt through the actions of Chris/Nightwing, particularly in this issue."
---Andy Frisk at Comic Book Bin

"Either way, the art was good, and if this is the team that's going to draw it, there's certainly could be worse choices."
---Neb on iFanboy


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