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Marvel Zombies vol. 4 #1
dasbooch wrote in comicsunderfire

4 reviews - 4 positive, 0 negative

"Even f you didn’t care for previousissues, it’s giving this series a second wind, and might be a good place to consider coming back online the Marvel Zombies franchise."
---Matthew Peterson on Major Spoilers

"While having one or two small flaws, overall this first issue is a worthy read and has the potential to continue the fantastic narrative Van Lente and Walker have shown to be fully capable of creating."
---Nathan Madison on Comic Book Bin

"With an opening issue full of violence, carnage, black humor, and a terrific set of pencils from Kev Walker, Marvel Zombies Vol. 4 is poised to to weave a zombie epic on par with the best in the franchise."
---Jesse Schedeen on IGN

"Even so, all things considered, it does feel like Van Lente has once again found a story with promise that can be told using the Marvel Zombies –- and that’s just enough to make it worth reading."
---James Hunt on CBR


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