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Comics Under Fire
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Your one-stop shop for all the comics that I can find reviews for
Welcome to Comics Under Fire - an online community dedicated to gathering reviews of current comic books, trade paperbacks/hardcovers and graphic novels and posting them in one, convenient location for your ease. This community is starting as an experimental project for a master's class in the Information and Library Science field, but if it takes off, I will seriously consider keeping the site together for a long haul. Let me know what you think!

Comics Under Fire was inspired by the movie review giant Rotten Tomatoes. After seeing what RT does for movies, I wanted to try to do the same for comics. I hope that by putting all the reviews in one convenient and easy-to-find place, Comics Under Fire will help comic fans know exactly what's good, what's okay and what you should be pulling out of your pull list. Like RT, I will be updating the overall rating of any given comic as the reviews come in, so what you see on Wednesday evening will most likely not be what you'll see on Thursday, so please stop by often!

Now, I lack a search function and am using the Livejournal Community function because I am currently a one-man operation and very poor. So, to expedite your searching, I'm going to be extensively tagging every entry, so all you'll need to do is click on the tag and you'll pull up all the entries tagged with that title, character, writer, artist, reviewer or publishing house. If you think of any other ways to tag the entries that would be beneficial to the community at large, please feel free to let me know.

I am currently pulling reviews from over 35 sites. If you find any other review site that I'm not pulling from, please let me know and I will add it to my regular circulation. However, the reviewer MUST update at least semi-regularly. If they're only posting one or two reviews a month, they will probably cost me more time than it's usually worth. However, you're always welcome to post an excerpt of the review in the comments section of the post for the pertinent comic. I want to deliver the best content as possible for you, but I can't spend all my free time trolling the 'net. And along the lines of finding reviews, I will only be posting reviews of comics for which I have reviews. So before contacting me to ask why your favorite and ridiculously obscure comic from Oni Press isn't on the site, please understand that I probably couldn't find any reviews for it; reviews for Green Lantern are typically easier to find than reviews for the next volume of Empowered.

For clear disclosure purposes, I want to go on record with saying that Comics Under Fire is NOT looking to "take credit" for any reviews or images posted. The reviews I am gathering are sole property of the original reviewer and I will not claim any ownership of them; I am simply gathering them for you all to read in one place. Any comic covers, internal artwork or images I put with the reviews is only meant to give a visual association and will be posted in accordance with United States copyright and fair use laws. So please don't sue me. I will be very sad.

Thank you very much for coming to check out Comics Under Fire. I hope to see you around! Excelsior!