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Amazing Spider-Man #591
dasbooch wrote in comicsunderfire

7 reviews - 4 positive, 3 negative

"Overall, despite one tiny problem with this issue, and another insignificant problem with another book, this is a great read."
---Pat S. on Independent Comics Site

"This is not the strongest of the issues that have resulted from the "One More Day" scenario, but it does play upon the circumstances put in play there, and for the most part would not have been possible without 'One More Day.'"
---Doug Zawisza on CBR

"Dan Slott simply provides the answers readers have been asking for and moves on. Sure, the answers are a bit lacking in specifics and almost entirely predictable, but at least the pomp and circumstance is gone."
---Jesse Schedeen on IGN

"Slott nails Spider-Man’s characterization, from geeking out with Reed, to slap-fighting with Johnny, to his insistence that they had to help innocents, even though the team was sworn not to interfere."
---Matthew Peterson on Major Spoilers

"I'll be happier when the brain(less) trust is gone, the new creative teams are set in rotation, and SOMEONE remembers that the best Spider-Man stories of late don't dwell on One More Day's repercussions, and just focus on being good comics."
---Templar on iFanboy

"I know Slott is a better writer than this lets on, and I would not recommend this to anyone interested in seeing more of his work."
---BC1 on iFanboy

"Spidey & the FF in an alternative universe where time passes at a different rate than our own. Why? So the last page can be the dumbest reveal in Spider-Man since the relaunch."
---akamuu on iFanboy


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