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Detective Comics #853 - Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?
dasbooch wrote in comicsunderfire

17 reviews - 14 positive, 3 negative

"The first half of the issue continues the homage to Batman’s career from last issue with the same touching sense of nostalgia and inventiveness that made that issue so great."
---Ryan the Iowan on Newsarama

"It brings out perhaps what just about everyone loves about Batman, [...] that when it all goes down, when the World turns to Hell, no matter what Batman doesn’t give in."
---Pat S. on Independent Comics Site

"It blew me away and presented an all new scope for Batman too come."
---Law-Man on Comic Vine

"While we get a nice summary of Batman’s life and his impact on those around him, where this story itself if concerned I can’t say I fully understand what’s happened from beginning to end."
----Sam Wilson on Hudlin Entertainment

"Neil Gaiman pulls back the veil of mystery surrounding this series fully to lay down his fairly straightforward message for all to see. Like much of Gaiman's work, that message is brilliantly simple. So simple, it's actual easy to overlook just what's been accomplished in these two issues."
---Dan Phillips on IGN

"The description I've heard of this book that is really apt is that it is a Grant Morrison Batman story that people can understand. It's really that simple."
---Kirk Warren on Weekly Crisis

"This is about the Batman, and what happens when he dies, and why he will always live again, and it’s beautifully done."
---Matthew Peterson on Major Spoilers

"And yet, in Gaimain’s hands, the moment is sweet and touching as Bruce gets to have a few more wonderful moments with his mother, and discovers just how much he meant to her. And then as the light at the end of the tunnel approaches, readers discover it is not the end, but rather the beginning we’ve been witnessing."
---Stephen Schleicher on Major Spoilers

"Gamian proves why he is a master story teller with this last issue. He chose not give us the way Batman died, but why he had to die."
---cyberauron on iFanboy

"It was a master's class in comic book storytelling from writer and artist and the experience was well worth[...]however important [it is] to the grand scheme of things.
---markfg on iFanboy

"I'm not always on board with Gaiman's philosophical excursions. Sometimes they lack focus. But this was a case where I felt like I knew exactly what he was after, or at least, I was able to reconcile the concept with my own thoughts about this bizarre circumstance that only really exists in comics."
---Paul Montgomery on iFanboy

"I think Gaiman threw the potential for a big epic for a thematic character piece on the Caped Crusader. And it worked. More than anything, this was a really cathartic issue that washed over me like a nice shower."
---Tork on

"This book was ALMOST worth the wait for the art alone. Storywise, it was okay, maybe even a little trite."
---buffalowhig on

"Gaiman's sicky-sweet dialogue during the last half of this...the stuff that some of you guys say is making you, uh, cry...it's almost nauseating to me."
---flapjaxx on iFanboy

"Take this completely as what it is supposed to be:the last Bruce Wayne story. And whenever that day comes when DC will need to have one, they won't need to produce. Because they already did."
---Chuckenigma on iFanboy

"This was basically a discussion to what happens to us when we die and how we go on [and] I loved every second of this issue."
---The Next Champion on iFanboy

"It's Neil fricken Gaiman writing the funeral of the goddamned Batman. And it's pretty near flawless."
---akamuu on iFanboy