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X-Force #14
dasbooch wrote in comicsunderfire

7 reviews - 6 positive, 1 negative

"If you can swallow the art, this one is a solid read and another big win for this crossover storyline."
---Ryan the Iowan on Newsarama

"I want to like X-Force!!! But the art drives me nuts! And the writing is kind of slow, but I have to remind myself that this is a story told by several writers, so I give it credit for being part of a larger story. But as the crossover reaches the mid-point (I think) I begin to wonder if this is going to be worth all the buzz."
---TheMaskedHero on Comic Vine

"The tight plotting of this arc has thankfully done away with such excesses, and it makes the issue one of the series’ most enjoyable to date, as readers are free to enjoy the character moments without the strain of trying to remember why they remember the name Cameron Hodge and where he last turned up."
---James Hunt on CBR

"Ignoring the colouring and gratuitous blood and gore, there's a lot to like about this issue. X-23 has another great moment with Hope that shows sparks of the character Yost & Kyle wrote back during their New X-Men run and gives me hope (pun not intended) that we can see a real person under this killing machine."
---Kirk Warren on Weekly Crisis

"We're seeing a broadening of the story of Angel and his newly returned Archangel form and the moment between Hope and X-23 was wonderful."
---reg5000 on iFanboy

"This is the perfect book for Kyle and Yost because they can let there bloodlust go unimpeded."
---buffalowhig on iFanboy

"Perhaps Kirkman's Ultimate run reminded them that the Stryfe/Apocalypse angle COULD have been good. So they're trying it out again. And thus far, thus good."
---akamuu on iFanboy


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