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Thor #601
dasbooch wrote in comicsunderfire

10 reviews - 10 positive

"The strong character writing and intriguing cliffhanger has me excited about the next issue, meaning that THOR could make a comeback as a regular read."
---Ryan the Iowan on Newsarama

"It is definitely a new, different world for Thor and his merry band of side characters, and one that I will continue to follow (now that it’s finally here)."
---Brett P. on Independent Comics Site

"This issue in particular is filled with great, great dialogue and some absolutely genuine laugh out loud moments to create a wonderful, satisfying comic book read."
---Sam Wilson on Hudlin Entertainment

"This revamped Thor is so awesome, I'm not even going to make fun of his winged helmet."
---Nooch on Jinx

"It’s great to see that Straczynski’s new status quo continues to work just as well as the previous one. Now, all it needs to do is get back on something approximating a monthly schedule."
---Chad Nevett on CBR

"As much as I love Stracynski's take on Thor and his fellow Asgardians, nothing matches the glorious wickedness of his Loki."
---Dan Phillips on IGN

"Thor #601 is a nice breather after the dramatic thunder of the last issue, giving readers a chance to reflect on subplots rather than the main plot: Thor's exile from New Asgard."
---Robert Murray on Comics Bulletin

"It's a rare comic that can combine Dr Doom, Asgardian mythology , romance, and a diner in Oklahoma. This does it to a very high standard."
---markfg on iFanboy

"I like how [Straczinsky] writes the interactions between Thor and Blake they are very funny."
---JesTr on iFanboy

"I really think [Stracznsky's] characterization of Thor is spot on. He explores both the serious Norse god aspects of Thor along with the less serious aspects."
---Rustyautoparts on IFanboy


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