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Supergirl #40
dasbooch wrote in comicsunderfire

7 reviews - 5 positive, 2 negative

"The story of this issue is pretty straightforward with few subplots, though Sterling Gates makes up for it in sheer personality. He has a great fundamental understanding of the cast and it shows with the great sense of voice he has for them. Everyone from Supergirl to Cat to Jimmy Olson, to Reactron comes across great here."
---Ryan the Iowan on Newsarama

"Ever since writer Sterling Gates has taken over, Kara's maturity level has really increased and had made her tolerable, even a little amiable as a character."
---Capt. Howdy on Comic Vine

"Gates has left enough story out there to fuel the next issue and lead the readers into whatever follows. Given the strength of the effort from Gates, Igle, and company, I'm going to be along for the ride."
---Doug Zawisza on CBR

"As a mystery, I don't think the whole "Who is Superwoman" arc holds up very well. Gates more or less just dropped a bunch of red herrings and bait and switches, then pulled the revelation our of thin air."
---Dan Phillips on IGN

"Yes, it's a Jeph Loeb-ian red herring mystery with all kinds of hints and swerves that never add up to the actual reveal, similar to his Hush, Hulk and Long Halloween reveals."
---Kirk Warren on Weekly Crisis

"Igles’ pencils capture the kinetic energy of this issue quite well with well choreographed fight and flight scenes between Supergirl and Reactron."
---Andy Frisk on Comic Book Bin

"The story is both internally consistent, and also introduces an interesting dynamic that will affect plenty of relationships in the rest of the Superman titles as the revelation disseminates into them."
---ElCapitanQwerty on iFanboy


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